High in Omega 3 & 6 in the perfect ratio for humans & great for skin, hair, cardiovascular system, joint mobility, and to support one's immunity.  Lovely as a salad dressing with balsamic vinegar,  or with fresh tasty breads as a dipping oil.  It can be used directly on your skin, and is suitable even for pets with itchy skin, put a little on your fingers and rub into their skin gently.



Keep refrigerated, this oil not suitable for cooking and heating purposes.

NZ product.

Hemp Seed Oil


    "After reading a lot about the benefits of Hemp oil I also purchased a bottle of this from Margy when I next found her and love it.  It just feels like I am doing good for my body.  

    I'm sold... Love their products and would encourage others to use them too.  You will not regret it!"


HH Hemp Ltd.

There is lots of information available about the benefits of industrial hemp products. Oil and hulled seed contains no THC so do not confuse with other cannabis products or medical marijuana. All prices are GST inclusive. 


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